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The Squirrels

By Robert Askins

Directed by
Mark Peckham

April 21 - may 15

New England Premiere


by Robert Askins

Directed by Mark Peckham

(April 21 - May 15)


Scurius, the patriarch of a family of gray squirrels, has collected enough nuts to last ten winters. When a group of starving fox squirrels begs him to share his hoard of food, animosity erupts into a ferocious war. The Squirrels is a boundary-pushing, darkly satirical look at wealth inequality in which no creature comes out unscathed.


“The fast-paced 90-minute play…is a witty black comedy about a mixed-race squirrel family decimated by prejudice and greed. Writ large, it’s an apocalyptic tale of America’s cultural divide…[Askins] drops a thought bomb…about our responsibility for the destruction of the environment and for the care of one’s fellow squirrel (and otherwise).” —San Diego Union-Tribune


“The Squirrels is [an] allegory that launches salvos at current events, framed by a potential apocalypse…Beneath the satire, the play raises serious questions, in particular, why does inequality reign?”

 —San Diego Reader




by Robert Askins 

directed by Mark Peckham



Vince Petronio, Sciurus

MJ Daly, Mammalia

Jessie March, Chordata

Val Westgate, Rodentia

Omar Laguerre-Lewis, Carolinensis

Joe Henderson, Sciuridae

Brian Kozak, Squirrel Chorus

Brayden Fanti, Squirrel Chorus

Jared Nobrega, Squirrel Chorus



Stage Manager, Jay Forcello

Assistant Director, Michael Greene

Scenic Designer, Trevor Elliott

Intimacy Coordinator, Susie Schutt

Costume Designer, Lizzy Pegler

Production Manager, Brittany Costello

Assistant Stage Manager, Isaiah Gamboa

Technical Director, Andrew Iacovelli



Thursday, April 21 at 8pm Preview 

Friday, April 22 at 8pm Preview 

Saturday, April 23 at 8pm PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN Press Preview

Sunday, April 24 at 2pm PRESS Preview


Friday, April 29 at 8pm OPENING NIGHT

Saturday, April 30 at 8pm 

Sunday, May 1  at 2pm


Thursday, May 5 at 8pm

Friday, May 6  at 8pm

Saturday, May 7  at 8pm

Sunday, May 8 at 2pm

Sunday, May 8 at 8pm


Thursday, May 12 at 8pm

Friday, May 13 at 8pm

Saturday, May 14 at 8pm

Sunday, May 15 at 2pm

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