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RI Premiere


A Play In Five Betties;

In Essence, A Queer and Occasionally Hazardous Exploration; Do You Remember When You Were In Middle School And You Read About Shackleton And How He Explored The Antarctic?; Imagine The Antarctic As A P*ssy And It’s Sort Of Like That

by Jen Silverman

(March 28 - April 21)


“Straight-up funny.”

— New York Magazine


Betty is rich; Betty is lonely; Betty’s busy working on her truck; Betty wants to talk about love, but Betty needs to hit something. And Betty keeps using a small hand mirror to stare into parts of herself she’s never examined. Five different women named Betty collide at the intersection of anger, sex, and the “thea-tah.”


Critic's Pick!

“A fult-tilt lesbian/bi-curious/genderqueer/Shakespearean comedy for everyone... If you're wondering whether you'll enjoy the revolution, Collective Rage makes an excellent (and hilarious) test case.”

— New York Times


“Anger, love and loneliness are comedically but honestly rendered in this occasionally absurd, stylized, queer-centric play... With hilarity and poignancy, Collective Rage offers a broad spectrum of queer voices rarely seen on stage.”

— Variety


“A perfect balance between the really absurd and the absurdly real.”

— Broadway World

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