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Hanukkah Schmanukkah.jpeg



written and directed by

Aaron Blanck

Limited Engagement

December 8 through December 17

Deep in the proudly Jewish working class section of Victorian England, the penny pinching head of the waistcoat factory, Scroogemacher, seems to have lost her humanity and her Hannukah Spirit.

But with the help of some ghostly visits, she just might learn the true meaning of Chanukkah, or however you spell it. 

Hannukah Shmanukkah is a wild and zany, mildly offensive and completely inappropriate ride that asks that timeless question, can you do a play in Rhode Island about Jews written and directed by a Jew actually starring Jews without mentioning the Holocaust?

Only one way to find out!


“Aaron Blanck rounds out the cast.”

- every review Aaron got in college


“I liked it, but what do I know?”

- Jeff Church

“Please cease and desist with using my clients materials”

- Barbra Streisand’s lawyer

“Get that fat c*nt off the stage”

- Lizzo

“Expletive delete”

- Mel Gibson

“Please let me out of here!”

- A Man trapped in a jar

Disclaimer – the opinions and views of Aaron Blanck in performance or blurb do not reflect those of the Burbage Theatre Co

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