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by William Shakespeare

August 31 through September 24

Limited Engagement

Two households, both alike in dignity,

In fair Verona where we lay our scene…


While a bitter and violent Feud between the Montague and Capulet families rages in the streets of Verona, a son of Montague and a daughter of Capulet meet and find themselves irresistibly entangled in a secret love that seeks to overcome all odds. As these “star-crossed lovers” rise to the challenges posed by their families' ancient animosity and the stifling weight of societal expectations, they are led to a series of irrevocable choices that have profound and tragic consequences for themselves, their families, and all of Verona.

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Join us for an extraordinary experience as Burbage Theatre Co proudly presents

two enchanting outdoor performances of William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, As a highlight of the 25th Pawtucket Arts Festival, we're thrilled to bring this timeless tale of love and tragedy to life under the open sky, absolutely FREE for all to enjoy!

Saturday, September 2 at 6:30pm

Friday, September 8 at 7:00pm

As devoted members of the Pawtucket Arts community, we're honored to be part of this momentous event. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Pawtucket Arts Panel and the Pawtucket Arts Festival for their invaluable support in making these performances possible.

Limited seating is available,

so seize this opportunity to secure your spot at these remarkable outdoor performances by clicking the link below:

Patrons are encouraged to bring their own seating, whether it's a cozy blanket or your favorite folding chair, as we gather to celebrate the arts in unity.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! Dive deeper into the realm of Shakespearean brilliance with twelve additional performances at Burbage Theatre Co, running from August 31 to September 24. Immerse yourself in the full spectrum of human emotions with our talented ensemble, all at our accessible general admission rates.

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