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October 23 to November 27



The Big Time Celebration has been an opportunity to thank our audience for their continued support. Every year since its inception in 2015 we have performed an hour of the most irreverent comedy we can find to help us celebrate the end of one theatrical season and the beginning of the next. 


Because of COVID-19, we had to cancel In the Next Room an hour before its first preview began. We also had to cancel our final show of the year. The biggest blow was having to cancel The Big Time Celebration.


So, in an effort to capture the magic of our annual live comedy, we’re turning to another medium and filming an original special of original comedy starring Burbage Theatre Company's talented resident artists.

In the Next Zoom: A Big-Time Virtual Celebration is available to purchase now and will be available to watch starting Friday, October 23 at 8pm, accompanied by a simultaneous live stream with artists from the Burbage Theatre Co on Facebook and Instagram.

NOTE: In The Next Zoom: A Big-Time Virtual Celebration will be available to purchase and view through November 27, 2020. 

In the Next Zoom: A Big-Time Virtual Celebration



Clare Blackmer

Jeff Church

Andrew Iacovelli

Brian Kozak

James Lucey

Gabrielle McCauley

Victor Neto

Alison Russo

Valerie Westgate

Jess Winward


Dillon Medina


Helena Tafuri as "Allison Crews"

Production Team

Jeff Church

Allison Crews

Andrew Iacovelli

Jess Winward

For more information, email us at or call (401)484-0355.


Members of the Press are invited to view the film one week in advance of its release.

Please contact Jeff Church at for more information.

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