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S12 | AUDITION Breakdown



by William Shakespeare

directed by Jeff Church




by Aziza Barnes

Performances begin November 16 and run through December 3.

Rehearsals begin mid October.

Submit by September 10, 2023.

Click here for character descriptions.



By April DeAngelis

in partnership with WomensWorkRI

Performances begin February 1 and run through February 25.

Rehearsals begin in December.


Submit by October 1, 2023.

Click here for character descriptions.


COLLECTIVE RAGE: A play in five Betties 

by Jen Silverman

Performances begin March 28 and run through April 20.

Rehearsals begin in February.

Submit by November 1, 2023.

Click here for character descriptions.



by Stephen Adly Guirgis

Performances begin May 23 and run through June 16.

Rehearsals begin in April.

Submit by December 1, 2024

Click here for character descriptions.



Burbage Theatre Co strives to foster a climate of purposeful inclusion of all people regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or national origin. Burbage Theatre Co is an equal opportunity employer. 


Burbage Theatre Co is committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with due respect and dignity. We strive to make our space a safe space for everyone who comes through our doors. Each individual has the right to work in a professional, respectful artistic atmosphere that promotes equal opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices, including any form of harassment or abuse.

S12 Breakdow

Introducing our innovative audition process at Burbage Theatre Co!


We've revolutionized the way we organize and execute general auditions to make it more

inclusive, accessible, and convenient for aspiring actors like you.


Say goodbye to traditional "cattle call" auditions and hello to our streamlined self-tape submission system.

No longer bound by specific audition dates, you now have the flexibility to submit your audition tapes

at your convenience through our website.


With our user-friendly form and secure database, talent will be showcased to our directors,

and you'll have the freedom to update your submissions at any time.


Your audition materials will remain easily accessible for future opportunities. Once you're in our database, you're in for good, and we'll reach out to you whenever roles matching your talent and identityt become available.


Join us in embracing this exciting change, where auditions are made easier for both the performers and our auditors.


Prepare to take center stage and shine with Burbage Theatre CO!






Place the camera on a tripod or steady surface. A smartphone camera is acceptable. Always shoot horizontally. 

Sound must be loud and clear. Please be sure that the mic is directed toward the actor. Smaller rooms with furniture, rugs, etc will reduce echo and improve the quality of your sound.


Lighting should be good enough for us to see the color of your eyes.

Use soft lighting if possible — avoid stark white light, or dim, shadowy light.


Please tape auditions in front of a bare wall or backdrop that is a solid, preferably muted color. Avoid having anything behind you that will distract the viewer’s eye such as furniture, pictures, windows, etc. A clean solid wall, or backdrop is best.


Please don’t add any effects or features to your self tape (IE fading in, fading out, transitions, text on screen).


Frame your self tape like a headshot — include your head and shoulders.

The frame should cut off no more than an inch above your head and just above the middle of your torso.


Play to the other character as though they are slightly to the left or right of the camera. Don’t talk directly to, above or below the camera. Speak to whomever you’re speaking to as though they are

right beside the camera.

Self Tape Instruction
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